Standing Seam Roofing

Choose Standing Seam Metal Roofing For Durability And Beauty

At Metroplex Roofing, our specialty is right in our name. We’re roofing experts ready to help you protect your home or commercial building and maintain or improve its beauty with the right roofing product. Standing seam metal roofing is the kind you see most often in North Texas, and this durable, good-looking material is becoming more common all the time. With vertical ridges that increase strength and channel water off your roof, it’s a well-designed roofing choice for many different home and commercial building types.

While standing seam metal roofing may cost more to install on your Dallas-Fort Worth home than traditional asphalt or composite shingles, it’s a durable choice that could be the last roof you ever needs. Plus, it offers excellent wind and fire resistance and requires almost no maintenance.

Designed and Installed For Excellence

Standing seam metal roofing has durability built right in. It provides continuous panels of metal protection that runs from your roof’s ridge to the eaves. But proper installation is crucial in joining the panels to each other and to the house.

Seams are connected by fasteners that are raised above the surface – that’s where the term “standing seam” comes from. With other kinds of roofing, the seams are the weak point, but with standing seam metal roofing, the seams are raised above the surface so water can’t get in. And since there are no horizontal seams as there are with every other kind of roofing, another potential entry point for moisture is eliminated.

The Right Look For You

Choices in metal roofing are available today that look great on any kind of house or building. In fact, some structures are designed for metal roofing, especially those with a contemporary look. Additionally, there are more colors of standing seam metal roofing available today than ever before, and the color can help add to the natural ability of metal to reflect heat, allowing this type of roofing to keep heat from the sun from entering, meaning that your HVAC system will have less work to do.

If your roof has failed or is failing, don’t wait until you have damage inside your home or business to contact us. A new standing seam metal roof can keep out rain, reflect away heat and add to the beauty and durability of your home or office for years to come. Contact us now if it’s time to move up to metal.

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